New Zealand Trout Fishing

Specialist New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide, Greg Catley, offers fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout in   
and around Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Wilderness, backcountry stream and river trout fishing packages   
available, including transport, fishing, equipment and tuition.   

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"Hi Greg,  We fished together on 23rd Jan 2004 on the Tongariro.  Caught 2 - a rainbow on the nymph and a magnificent brown on the dry.

Not a day passes when i don't think about that day - thanks again for such treasured memories.
I had my best ever season in England in 2004 and can't wait for the off on April 1st.

Hope things have been good for you. Rest assured I shall return.  Say hello to Katie Bean. 

Best regards and tight lines



"With an outside temperature of -2 C, I struggled out of a warm bed in time for Greg to pick me up in his 4X4 truck for the short drive to Turangi.

Greg decided to fish the Tongariro river, just below the main bridge on SH1.  It's not uncommon for this mighty river to flood, and so there were fallen trees and debris to clamber over in pursuit of a new pool.  Greg climbed up a tree branch, as he often does, and with a rather large grin told me that if I couldn't catch a trout here I should give up fly fishing! 

A short first cast found the edge of the swirl - the indicator swung past and then promptly disappeared.  "Strike!" Greg yelled and so I did, playing an 8lb trout which proceeded to break my line like it was made of cotton.

That was the start of one of the best day's fly fishing I have ever experienced.  I believe I hooked and landed about 50 fish that day - all from a very small pool that many other anglers had walked past. 

There were plenty of excellent trophy fish to be caught from that pool (later named The Honey Pot), one in particular being an estimated 10 + lbs which I played for close to 45 minutes before the hook slipped at the net.  Well, that's fishing.

The Tongariro certainly lived up to its reputation for being an excellent trout fishery, but I would have to say without a local guide you may never get to tell a story like mine!  So give Greg a call, and tell him Mark sent you....but leave some fish for me!"

Mark Hampton

Footnote... " I returned to Taupo this last summer to try my hand at some sight fishing.  Amongst the many fish caught was one magnificent 11 pound Rainbow jack measuring 28 inches long and 17 inches around the girth.  This more than made up for the one that got away! "

- Mark Hampton

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